Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Local Support? I Give Up!

I recently just learned that the North Adams Public Library hasn't placed my first book, (that I gave them back in December 2009), in circulation yet. I even knew the librarian from high school. You'd think it would have got pushed through by now.

However, this would not be my first qualm with a local library. Because, at the time of the books' release, I spoke [in person] with folks at the North Adams Public Library, the Berkshire Athenaeum and at the Adams Free Public Library in regards to doing a book reading - FREE. The Berkshire Athenaeum said they "couldn't because they have a staffing issue", (and they never posted the book on their website under new releases), the NAPL was ambivalent about it - feeling it would not draw a lot of kids, and the Adams Free Library said they'd get back to me in February-although she didn't sound too hopeful either.

I just don't get it. A children's book to be read by the author--a member of their own community--for free?

It is hard for me to sympathize with the library's budgetary and staffing problems when they show no support what-so-ever to local writers.

I give up.

I've even communicated the idea to the DCR of me doing a reading at the Natural Bridge State Park, (where a good portion of the book takes place). But still, nothing.

I give up!

I'm finishing up the second book. And I'm looking forward to starting the third.

I have faith that this series will catch on, (probably by the third book). I'll do the typical postings on the websites after each release, and do the press releases. But, that's about it.

I am writing this series of books for me.
And, in the end, if the books are any good, you'll hear about it. You'll probably hear about it by word-of-mouth before any other mode of communication. And that's okay with me.


~ Craig

(If you've read this far, thank you for reading my rant.)