Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gone Writing!

The time has come for me to limit the distractions some. There are a few projects that I need to finish up so that I can get back to work on the Gray Locke series. As much as I love perusing the world wide web, I'm afraid it does prevent me from getting anything accomplished in a timely manner.

For the curious --
  • I am finishing up a screenplay based on a story that a friend and I wrote. (It is for an independent stop-animation flick)
  • I also need to finish an introduction and list of questions for an interview I am conducting on two fellow writers.
  • Then, I have an article that I started a while back for a fan-fiction website that I'd like to go over again and tweak, and hopefully post that up.
Amidst all this hectic activity, I have also been debating whether or not to start work on a book of illustrated poems, or should I get on to the next Gray Locke book -- after I finish the above-mentioned projects. So, stay tuned for my progress!


~ Craig