Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mrs. McFarlane's Coffee Cake Recipe

I used to collect old newspapers when I was a teenager, and I found this recipe among them -- from a newspaper dated in 1917. I'm afraid I no longer have that newspaper, otherwise, I'd scan it to place on the website for prosperity.

I used to call this cake, 1917 Coffee Cake. But, when I thought of putting it up on the internet to share with everyone, I thought it fitting to name it after the woman who submitted this recipe to that long forgotten newspaper, oh so many years ago -- Mrs. E. McFarlane.

I am by no means a professional baker. As a matter of fact, I actually don't bake all that much. It has been limited to cookies, tea cakes, and this coffee cake.

The image below is of me, proudly holding up my freshly baked coffee cake in 1984–despite it being as hard as a rock, (That's when I learned that the coffee has to be cold before adding it to the batter.). And, yes, I am in my pajamas!

So, for those who like to bake, go visit the website! Mrs. McFarlane's Coffee Cake. Give it a try!


~ Craig

UPDATE: December 2017 -> The recipe was submitted to the Boston Post. She submitted a number of recipes to the newspaper that year. With one of them, she received a cash award.