Monday, March 14, 2011

Update #6

It's been a busy month! It started out with a dose of reality–followed by a chaser of nostalgia. But, after the hangover wore off, I found that I survived virtually unscathed–although I can still sometimes taste the bile in my mouth.

On the creative side of life, I developed a new program to showcase the Gray Locke series on USTREAM. I'll post more about that after the first episode is put together.

The book giveaway for Gray Locke: The Witch of Clover Hill has ended. There were 972 requests -- five winners. Congratulations to those who won!

We are, once again, in the midst of another Blade Runner revival–thanks to the recent acquirement of the Blade Runner rights by Alcon Entertainment. And, as a result, I have resurrected an idea I had in the back of my mind for quite some time. Many hardcore Blade Runner fans, (alright - MOST), would probably cringe at this idea, but if given the opportunity, it would complement the film very well–while reaching a new audience. Blade Runner: The Musical. So, I put together a page, and edited a video, with samples of some of the songs from a project that I worked on back in 2009.

I've also been on a creative excursion with a friend. We are collaborating on a story together–purely for joy. There are no plans to ever release/publish the story–and there is no timetable. It's a sandbox for us to experiment and explore our creative minds in.

And finally, after a respite from writing the third book of the Gray Locke series, I've returned to it with a fresh mind. I wish I could tell you when it'll be ready, but it's a process that has its own timetable.

~ Craig