Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to Beginning

I'm back to the beginning -- revising Giants of the Vale. There was a string of three days a couple of weeks ago when I was productive. But then I decided that the sub-plot of the story was getting way too complicated. So I had to scrap that idea -- which I had already invested a lot of time on. Oh, I'll be keeping some 23,000 words or so. And I put a scene back in that I had previously removed. But, a rewrite is definitely in order.

I was interviewed last week about the Gray Locke series. That will be posted online tomorrow. And for the interview, I wrote up a short bio. So, I have replaced the old bio with this new one at Goodreads, AuthorsDen and The Independent Author Network websites.

I've been overwhelmed with an excessive amount of stress these days -- but I'm feeling better. Things have a way of working out. And I'm still on my way. :)