Thursday, November 23, 2017

New England's Natural Bridge

Back in May of 2016, I created a website about another local historic site -- Natural Bridge. In June, I had put together a brief history of the site. Then, in October of this year, I revised it and added much more material that I had come upon while working on another article for the site. The other article, where the visitor can learn a little more about the history of Natural Bridge, and of some of the documented accidents that have occurred here over the last couple of centuries, was completed in November.

Links are provided below.

The New England's Natural Bridge website was created out of my love for this park, and for local history, with the goal to help educate the visitor of New England's Natural Bridge's extraordinary history. The community as a whole must understand, appreciate, respect, and know its history. When you visit a historic site, such as this one, you learn from their stories and help keep its history alive.

Stay marbleous!

~C.A. Chicoine