Sunday, December 3, 2017

Revitalizing My Online Presence

Since I've taken to the World Wide Web back in 1998, I have embraced the internet wholeheartedly. The computer has made it possible to produce and present content that would otherwise have been very difficult, if not, nearly impossible for me otherwise.

I have created websites on subject matter that I feel very passionate about. However, when it came to the Gray Locke website, and my personal website, I just never felt satisfied with the way that they were presented. And these are two very important websites for me. I consider the Gray Locke series to be my legacy to the world. And as far as my personal website, well, it should be the hub of my interweb wheel. But it was pathetically bland and uninteresting.

So, I am revitalizing my online presence. I decided to return to this blog and use it as the hub. Everything you need to know about my creative work, you'll find a link to it here. I am happy with the new layout and design. Finally. Just got a few more tweaks to make.

As for the Gray Locke website ... well, that's a project for another time.