Monday, November 8, 2010

Update #4

The upcoming book, Gray Locke ~ The Witch of Clover Hill, is underway! The book and illustrations are finished, and all is formatted.

Currently, I am waiting on the PCIP data, and on a few clearances. Once that hurdle is cleared, the book will be sent to the printers. Then, I'll review the proof. If it all looks good, then it'll be a go. :)

So, if all goes smoothly, we can expect the book's release by November 22nd, and available exclusively at a select store, (to be identified when the time arrives), in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. :)

And, of course, it will be available online.

I've also been working on an extra to go with the release, but I'm still working out some very important details that will determine when, and if, that extra goody will be ready in time.

I'll be sure and keep you all posted. :)

~ Craig

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