Monday, May 1, 2017

Electric Dreams Revisited

"Electric Dreams Revisited"

Tell me, boy
Do you have room
In your heart
For the computer boom?

Electric dreams
Electric dreams

He was a boy
Who bought a computer
To put him right
Wake him up on time
What an appliance
A matter of science
Taking over was
Its only crime

We interrupt this program for a brief introduction 

Some of us go to see a movie because its trailer looked good. And some of us, because we like a particular actor, director, or writer. And others of us, because of a song. I bought the soundtrack album to Electric Dreams before ever seeing the movie. Think I came upon the advertisement in either the Rolling Stone magazine or Billboard at the time of the album's release. Being a fan of the Electric Light Orchestra (Jeff Lynne) and The Human League (Phil Oakey/Heaven 17), this was a must-have album for me. So, this soundtrack was on the top of my list during one of my pilgrimages to Toonerville Trolley Records.

I had no clue what this movie was about. The only clue was what was written on the back of the album cover.

And, by the time I got the album, the movie was no longer in theatres (at least in my area). So, unfortunately, I did not see it on the big screen. But, I did take a trip to the local video store and purchased it on VHS. And I was not disappointed.

"It's not about words. It's more a feeling." 

We all have our guilty pleasures, and the Electric Dreams movie and its soundtrack are among mine. It's not that it's a bad movie or anything–-it's an all-around feel-good movie. And I found the movie very engaging, between the cinematography, special effects, and the music. And I loved the chemistry between Lenny Von Dohlen and Virginia Madsen in their respective roles as Miles and Madeline. And the humor and innocence of Edgar helped to root, develop and move the story in a direction that you'd never expect it to. These elements helped enliven the traditional romantic plot of the boy-meets-girl scenario.

It's just not one of those mainstream blockbusters that people generally talk about. And I wouldn't even consider Electric Dreams to be classified as a cult film. We'll take the movie Blade Runner, for instance. That movie flopped at the box office too. However, there was already a fanzine created six months after that movie's theatrical release. And once the World Wide Web caught on, there were a number of websites paying tribute to this highly influential box-office-flop-turned-cult-classic film of all time.

I have not come across one fan website about Electric Dreams. Although, I did find one page that is part of this 80's Movies Rewind website -- doing it for the love of the classic 80's movies. It's not bad. But, that was it. That is, until now.

So, whether you've seen Electric Dreams in the theatre when it was first released, or many years ago on VHS or when it was aired on HBO, be sure and make a vigil to watch it again. And if you just discovered this movie for the first time, it makes for a great addition to any stay-at-home date night! You will not be disappointed.

Electric Dreams
Are never what they seem
Electric Dreams
Now I'm electric too
Electric Dreams
This is what I'm tellin you

A link to the website is HERE.

Stay electric!


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